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The participants at Chatroulette must be at least 18 years old. If this is not the case, no connection can take place. It is also not allowed to fake videos. The chat partner should be naked in any case. Media should also be switched off before the chat. So no TV or radio can run in the background. Anyone who thinks he can make advertising with this chat, is also wrong. Even advertising is banned on chatroulette site. When Chatroulette there are some rules. These are also monitored, and if a chat partner does not follow the rules, the current Chatroulette is immediately interrupted and there can be no connection be made​​. For some Chatroulette portals also require registration. This should be as open and honest as possible, carried out in order to avoid negative consequences later. The trouble that can be avoided with an honest application should also be excluded from the outset.

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